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How To Show Up As Your Most Vibrant
Self This Holiday Season

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Dear Friend,

I invite you to join me at a free virtual cocktail party on:

Tuesday, NOV 7th 8 PM Eastern Time

If you're like so many women I've met, you're uncertain about how to show up at events and parties looking great and feeling confident.

Please join me for Sips & Sparkles, A Virtual Holiday Cocktail Party.

It's your chance to put on a great outfit, pour yourself your favorite cocktail (or mocktail) and come hang out with me for an hour.

I'll answer your questions and share with you my best ideas for getting ready to show up as your festive, most confident best this season, whether your calendar holds super-dressy events or casual, family affairs. Either way, what you wear is critical to how you show up (and how you enter into the new year -- I'll explain that, too).

Ketura Persellin is an image and personal style consultant. For more than eight years she's been helping women build their confidence by making changes in their wardrobe. Her clients love her non-judgmental approach to image and personal style.

The tips I'm going to share in this hour-long live call will show you the easy ways to instantly feel able to go into any social situation and feel confident and compelling, so you can accept all your invitations with ease. (And if you don't have as full a calendar as you'd like? No problem, I have a solution for that, too.)

  • THE most important question to ask before getting ready for any event (holiday or otherwise)

  • My top 3 tips for injecting something a little special into any ho-hum outfit. Plus: My favorite sources of accessories (and why looking festive is all about the accessories.

  • Get feedback on your holiday outfit ideas. (Yes, you can come dressed up and I'll tell you how to look even more awesome.)

  • The ONE piece you already have in your wardrobe that's the most important building block of any holiday outfit.

  • Great parties have gifts, and this one, will too. I have an AWESOME one planned for everyone on the call, plus I'm going to raffle off a great prize. (But you have to be on the call live to win the prize. :-)

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